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Katharina Schroth scoliosis therapy

Because scoliosis is a spine deformity with a progressive course a stabilisation or reduction of the curvature is the priority aim.

The treatment of the scoliosis consist of different measures. According to the situation the possibilities work together or one after the other.

Before starting any kind of therapy a visit at someone who can do chiropractic or osteopathy is very helpful. Sometimes signs of scoliosis occur jutst because of dislocated joints.

Is scoliosis discovered in the early childhood you first begin with the Vojta-therapy. In this therapy method the patient stays passive and someone (first the therapist, later on the parents) gives certain stimulus to activate specific reflex patterns. This can for example support the automatical control of the posture. Prescribed from a doctor, you can do this therapy method with an authorised (therefore qualified) physiotherapist.

We introduce the children from the 3. living year on into the main features of the scoliosis therapy. Primary task hereby is the instruction of the parents. They learn how to support their child in daily life. The younger the children the easier it is to get used to certain behaviors. For example to get up with a certain leg, to sit on a certain side benext the legs while playing on the ground.

Also the children learn with playful elements to train the breathing, to stretch themselves or to strengthen in the right way.

From the 5. living year on the children learn more and more the complex exercises. Therefore a certain ability to become acitve and a certain motoric and kognitive level of development is essential.

Katharina Schroth (1894-1985), the pioneer of the first specific scoliosis exercises which many people use today also had a scoliosis. She tried in self experiments to get her body straight again. In her time there didn't exist a therapy against scoliosis, it was rated as incurable. She started with targeted breathing exercises to breath out her sunken in areas on the body. By and by she got new findings, invented stabilising exercises to hold the gained effects of the breathing exercises.

Her daughter, Christa Lehnert-Schroth (1924-2015) developed the therapy further on. She discovered a new type of scoliosis, the so called 4th bow, for which correction there has to be found new exercises.

In 1995 she sold the clinic and all rights to the Asklepios GmbH. Until 2008 Dr. Weiß, son of Christa Lehnert-Schroth was the medical chief of the clinic.

The main prinicple of the scoliosis therapy is to widen the sunken areas by stretching and breathing and to stabilise the corrections by asymmetric exercises. Today, a lot of variations of the Schroth method are available.