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Treatment Brace Surgery

If one or more curves of the scoliosis passes in growing age a certain degree it is necessary to give a brace to the child. A brace is always needed when it is to fear that training alone can't hold on the progression of the scoliosis. The scoliosis then is so far progressed that every further growth will lead to more scoliosis instead of longitudinal growth.

The brace guides the growth of the spine during the growth spurt and moreover it corrects the scoliosis in a way which is not to achieve only with exercises. The brace can bring much more pressure to the curve than the own muscles, because it works from the outside. Also it can work much longer because one have to wear it all the day (except some exceptions). So the brace is like a 23h therapist who lives with his hand on the childrens back.

If it is necessary to wear a brace it is very important to get informed about the different kind of braces, about technicans and their experience before the brace is commissioned.

For the choise of the technican it is very important to take care that the technican is experienced in brace production, beause producing braces is very complicated. The brace has to correct the spine and furthermore it has to fit like a second skin that there won't be any (or only light) pressure marks. A brace which doesn't correct adequate is not only a psychicological stress but also a waist of precious treatment time. That's the reason to get well informed before the production.

The girl on the pictures had bad luck to start with an unexperienced technican. One can see that the first brace is only like a copy of her body, no correction. The hip is on the same side prominent like before, also the shoulders are in the same way unequal like before. A brace always tries to flip the scoliosis horizontal.

Experienced technicans can almost correct 50% of the degree in the brace (in cases of less than 40 degree). Depending on different influencing factors (kind of scoliosis, size of the curve, physical maturity, etc.) sometimes also an overcorrection is possible.

Wearing a brace is often uncomfortable, especially in the beginning. That's why this way has to be made as comfortable as possible. So it is very important to choose an experienced technican.

Willingly we connect you with someone who is wearing a brace or with someone who is experienced in building braces.