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Further spine deformities

Scoliosis is only one example for different diseases of the posture.

Roundback (hyperkyphosis)

The hyperkyphosis is defined as an oversized backwards curve of the thoracal spine. It can be caused by the Scheuermanns disease. This is a growth disturbance of the spine. The spine reacts in the growth very sensitive to onesided load for example long and bent sitting. Without compensation by movement and strengthening of the back muscles can occure ossesous modifications. Also a roundback can be caused only by weak muscles. Special exercises for the extension of the thoracal spine are here recommended.

Hollow back (hyperlordosis)

The hyperlordosis is defined as an oversized forwards curve of the lumbar spine. It is very often seen in case of childrens and teens.

Flat back (hypokyphosis)

The hypokyphosis is the opposition of the hyperkyphosis. The naturally curve of the thoracal spine is reduced or in severe cases even forwards bent, not backwards. This position can lead to blockades. In case of children a flat back also can be a first symptom of a developing scoliosis. In this case the parents should periodically control the back of their children and consult a doctor.