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First appointment

You or your child got the diagnosis scoliosis, what now. Probably now you have many questions.

In a first appointment we discuss all your questions. We talk about the severeness of the diagnosis and help you to get it in the right relations. We illustrate what can come up to you and what you do not need to fear. We inform you about important times in life having scoliosis, when absolutly have to pay attention.

We discuss different therapy methods and are trying to point out the possibilities and limits of the different methods, that you can choose the way which is right for you or your child. Furthermore we are doing a detailed examination. Within this appointment we are also preparing the further therapyplan and choose the needed exercises. This first examination is obligatory before starting the therapy.

charge: 39,- €

Therapy for beginners

First of all you have to learn the basic of the scoliosis therapy. Get a knowledge about the anatomie of the spine and the specialties of scoliosis. Learn the correct breathing and the correct support for prone, back and side position. You will learn how to correct yourself in standing and sitting position. Furthermore you will be introduced into the basic correction exercises. Also we will discuss behavior in daily life and derive from the basic corrections principles for relaxed situations, like relaxed standing or sitting. We will write down all the things in an exercise book, so that you can repeat it at home.


Single therapy

To learn these basics it takes ca. 5-6 single lessons.

Powerweek beginners

10x single therapy
8x group therapy (90 minutes per each group lesson)

Requirement: First appointment

Therapy for experienced

Skoliofit for experienced When you are used to the basic exercise we will impede the exercises. The basic corrections and basic exercises are the technic you have to learn before you can start to build up muscles. The further exercises base on the basic corrections but they are much harder. They work on the specific expanding of curvatures, intensive asymmetric exercise for rotation or shifting.
For experienced patients we have different packages to offer you the most flexibel and individual therapy time. Let us know how often you want to train in your power week and we will organize it. Mix up from 1 to 10 single therapies and 5 to 10 group therapies.