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Skoliofit - Katja Schumann
Archenholdweg 18
33100 Paderborn
Telefon: +49 5251 6998 389
About Skoliofit
What is it? The idea

The idea

Skoliofit was founded in october 2007. A recent patient in the Katharina-Schroth-Klinik asked in a conversation why there is no such intensive therapy at home, in the ambulance. Something in my head was set in motion. From the first idea until the opening passed some time, but now we are here since october 2007.

Since the opening we have grown up continously. More and more we treated patients from far away. The first international patient was a young girl from Israel. Since that we treated patients and their parents from all over the world. Patients from China, Cyprus, Ghana, Great Britain, Israel, Malaysia, Singapure, Tanzania & USA took part in our treatment and benefited from our knowledge.